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Restoration, Conservation and Preservation

Restoration, Conservation and Preservation

The monumental task of keeping the books and manuscripts in good condition and prolonging their life-one of the central tasks of the Society -has been given a fillip since the 1990s. This is due in the first place, to the bifurcation of the Society from the Central Library, freeing much-needed space in the Town Hall to accommodate the Society's own teeming book population. Further, processes of microfilming and de-acidification and tissue papering of valuable books and manuscripts have been initiated by the setting up of two laboratories. A project for putting the books and manuscripts into CDROM is under consideration.

Through 'Adopt a Book' scheme, individuals and institutions are approached for help in conservation and preservation. For example, Mumbai Port Trust responded to this scheme by financing the microfilming and conservation of a good number of books on ports, maritime history, maritime trade and development, and now there is a Mumbai Port Trust Corner so named on the mezzanine floor of the library.

Microfilming laboratory

This was inaugurated in 1995, through donations from Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India, Bombay Municipal Corporation, and Government of Maharashtra. Two copies of the selected book or manuscript are made on microfilm, one for the use of readers on the premises and the other is housed in the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi. Books and manuscripts in a delicate condition, being thus available to readers on microfilm, are spared direct lending and reference.

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