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General Body Meetings

7. The Governor of the State of Maharashtra shall be ex-officio the Chief Patron of the Society.

8. General Body Meetings

(a) On a day, later than 31st August, every year, to be fixed by the Managing Committee, there shall be held an Annual General Meeting (AGM) for elections as provided in article 14(a) and for the adoption of the Annual Report of the managing Committee, which shall contain a statement showing the financial position of the Society, as well as the accounts for the year ended 31st March of the year under audit and the Auditor8s Report as required by Rule 18, and for the transaction of any other business which the Managing Committee may consider expedient to bring to the notice of the Society. The AGM shall, in alternate years appoint two Statutory Auditors as provided under Rule 18, for. the next two years.

(b) All meetings of the Society shall be convened by a circular addressed to the Resident members by the Hon. Secretary or by any person appointed by the Managing Committee in his/her temporary absepce. His circular shall be issued at least fourteen days before the date of the meeting and shall contain a statement of the business to be transacted at the meeting; and no business shall be brought forward of which notice has not been given by the preliminary circular, except with the permission of the Chairperson of the Annual General Body Meeting.

(c) A circular convening a meeting to consider the question of modifying the rules shall be sent to Non - Resident members also.

(d) Any member wishing to submit a proposal to the Society may require the Hon. Secretary, or any other Officer acting for the Hon. Secretary, to insert in the statement of business, after it has been considered by the Managing Committee, to be transacted at a meeting, and this proposal shall be entered in the first circular convening a meeting which may be issued subsequent to the receipt of the proposal by the Hon. Secretary. The proposal may be moved by another member on behalfofthe member giving notice, ifhe/she is unable to be present.

(e) In case the agenda circulated for consideration of the General Body meeting (Annual or Special) of the Asiatic Society of Mumbai is not completed on the day of such meeting the President shall adjourn the said meeting to consider the balance of the agenda to a suitable date with the consent of the house.

9. A special General Body Meeting shall be convened by the Managing Committee, whenever necessary or on the requisition of 50 members for the consideration of any business which shall be specified: provided that no such meeting shall be held till after the expiration of fourteen days fro the date of the circular convening such a special meeting Such a special meeting shall not take up any other business for deliberation or resolution except whal is mentioned in the circular convening the meeting

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