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Ref. No.: ASM/Notice/2014-2015/2844
Regarding revised charges - 210th AGM Resolution 7A2

On the basis of the fulfilment of assurance given at the 210th AGM held on 23rd August, 2014, pertaining to Resolution No.7A.2 (for revised charges), the Managing Committee at its meeting held on 26th August, 2014, has considered the reduction of rates to a reasonable level for handling of books. The revised charges for photocopying / physical reference / photography are now as under:

Owing to non-availability of microfilm printer, rates of digitised copy/printout are not mentioned.

- Prof. Vispi Balaporia, Hon. Secretary

Ref No.: ASM/Notice/2014-2015/
Members are informed that they can now ask for extension of a book by e-mail, on the following conditions:
1. This facility is applicable only for old books, and will not extend to new books.
2. The extension will be given provided there is no other claim for the book.
3. A book can be extended only once.
4. The rules for extension of books remain unchanged.
5. Requests for extension should be made on the Library e-mail Id. viz. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Please note that this arrangement is on trial basis, and will be in practice, initially, up to August 31, 2015.
- Vispi Balaporia, Hon. Secretary