Official website of The Asiatic Society of Mumbai - update Notice

The Managing Committee of the Asiatic Society of Mumbai is glad to inform all our members, researchers and well-wishers that we have recently added the following new features / contents to ASM’s official website – :

1. The entire catalogue of books and periodicals in our Library is now available online on our website We hope that our members and all concerned will find it very convenient, useful and time-saving, as one can now browse through the catalogue from anywhere, including on the mobile phone. Currently, this facility is available only during office hours i.e. 10.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. Efforts are being made to make this facility available 24 x 7.

2. From February 2015, the list of new books to be issued in the Library every week will be regularly published on our website. Presently, the list is sent by e-mail to all members and also displayed on the Society’s Notice Board. The practice of sending the list by e-mail, and of displaying the lists on our Notice Board will also be continued as before.

3. All are requested to note the URL (the Domain name) of our website which is Some members had experienced some difficulties when they had tried to use the old URL Please note, this is no longer with us. Do not forget to add the ‘.in’ extension when you visit our website

4. Some members have pointed out that Google Search results do not list our website when searched with words like ‘Asiatic Society’ or ‘Asiatic Society of Mumbai’, etc. In this regard, we have already submitted our request to Google authorities for clearing the discrepancy, as our website is the official website. We are hopeful that this discrepancy too will be corrected very soon.

Prof. Vispi Balaporia
Hon. Secretary

The Society has instituted the following Annual Junior Research Fellowships . :
1) Justice K.T. Telang Fellowship in “Indology” of the value of Rs.12, 000/- p.a.
2) INDAL Fellowship in “Social Science” of the value of Rs.9, 800/- p.a.
3) Asiatic Society’s two Fellowships in “Social Science” of the value of Rs.12, 000/- p.a. each.
4) Asiatic Society’s Fellowship in “Labour Studies” of the value of Rs.12, 000/- p.a.
5) Gulestan Billimoria Fellowship in the subject relating to the study of Mumbai / Maharashtra of the value of Rs.12,000/- p.a.
6) G.S. Pohekar Memorial Fellowship offered to a student pursuing research in any area concerning Japan – education, culture, politics, economics, Japanese Buddhism, etc. of the value of Rs.8,000/- p.a.

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