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Library Digitization Project
The Technical Bids for the Web Portal submitted by – (i) M/s. E-QL Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd., (ii) M/s. KGS Microsystems, and (iii) M/s. Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL), were opened on 15th January, 2016, at 2.00 p.m. The representatives of these firms made a presentation of their Technical Bids from 11.30 a.m. onwards on 16th January, 2016.
After considering the Technical Bids and the presentations, the Library Digitization Project Committee has determined that the Technical Bids of the three (3) firms may be considered as responsive.
- S.G. Kale, President

Annual Junior Research Fellowships 

Applications are invited from Research scholars for the award of the Fellowships. Those who are not members of the Society may apply. However, if a non-member candidate is selected for a fellowship, the recipient must enroll as a member of the Society. The Society does not insist on full time research commitment and therefore employed persons may also apply.


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