Asiatic Society of Mumbai is a pride of this city. The Society has one of the biggest treasures of different archives. One of such archives is its publication – Society’s Journal. The Journal published its first issue in 1841. In 2016, the enthusiastic editors, who work on honorary basis for the Society, continue to follow the great tradition of their predecessors. It’s a pride that Bharatratna MM Dr. PV Kane was once the editor of Society’s Journal.

Since 1841, the Society has seen many ups and downs. It even changed its name from The Royal Asiatic Society (Bombay Branch) to Asiatic Society of Bombay, and then to Asiatic Society of Mumbai. The Journal, however, stuck to its high standards which attracted hundreds of researchers to the Society. This treasure of Journal issues in the last 172 years has always been an important source of references for the students, researchers and readers. They used to flip through the Journal’s paper pages for finding the references.

Name of the Journal : Journal of the Asiatic Society of Mumbai.
ISSN Number : 0972-0766.
Nature of Publication : Hard Copy.
Periodicity : Annual.
Publisher : The Asiatic Society of Mumbai.
City : Town Hall, Mumbai - 400 023.
State : Maharashtra.
Country : India.


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