The Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bombay began publication in 1841. Prior to that, the transactions of the Literary Society are available in 3 volumes. The Journal has been edited by distinguished scholars and publishes articles covering the vast area of Indological and Sanskrit studies. The Old Series covers the period up to 1923. The New Series starts in 1925 and continues to be published annually. 

Select publications 
- Transactions of the Literary Society Vols I-III (1819, 1820 & 1823) 
- Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bombay Old Series Vols I -XXVI (1841-1923) 
- New Series Vols I -LXXVI (1925-present) 
- Athavale, A.B. (ed) Kavindra-Kalpadruma of Kavindracarya Sarasvati 1981 
- Divanj i, Prahlad.C Yoga Yajnavalkya 1954 
- Fyzee, A.A.A. A descriptive list of the Arabic, Persian and Urdu manuscripts in the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society 
- Khandalavala, Karl and Moti Chandra An illustrated Aranyaka parvan in the Asiatic Society of Bombay 1974 Law, B.C Buddhaghosa 1946 
- Law, B.C Some Jain Canonical Sutras 1949
- Lazard, G and D.R. SarDesai (ed) James Darmesteter Remembered 1994 Sukhtankar, VS. On the meaning of the Mahabharata 1957 
- Velankar, H.D. (ed) A Descriptive Catalogue of Sanskrit and Prakrit manuscripts in the collection of Asiatic Society of Bombay, second edition with illustrations and an introduction by - - VM.Kulkarni and Devangana Desai, 1998

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