The Society has an impressive collection of old issues of newspapers and periodicals, several of which date from more than a century ago, and a few from nearly two centuries ago. They include prominent newspapers, magazines and journals from all over the English speaking world, and some in Indian and European languages as well. For example, The London TImes(1801 to date), The Times of India (1860 to date), Bombay Courier (1811 to 1842), Madras Courier (1816 to 1831) , Bombay Times (1841 to 1859), Native Opinion (1867 to 1889), Indu Prakash (1883 to 1895), John Bull (1828 to 1833), Hindu Patriot(1875 to 1891), Hindi and Gujarati Punch, Lancet, Scientific American, Nature, National Geographic and The Economist. Virtually from its inception, the Society has been making a selection from its periodicals for binding. The bound volumes, covering such a long period, now have historical value and are much sought after by researchers on the colonial and nationalist periods, as well as those tracking the development of literary and scientific ideas. Annual bound indexes of the newspapers and periodicals are maintained. 

Currently 138 periodicals are subscribed to, and additionally 30 are received on exchange for the Society's journal and 60 are received as gifts. 15 daily papers are received free, and the Society subscribes to 10 additional papers, including two published abroad. Select periodicals are bound and thus the practice of building up a valuable resource base for contemporary history continues.

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