14(a) The Society shall be administered by a Managing Committee consisting of a President, four Vice-Presidents, an Hon-Secretary, who shall be the Chief Executive officer of the Society and 15 members elected from among the Resident members, who have been members for a continuous period of not less than two years, on the date on which their nominations have been filed. The qualification of membership for continuous period of not less than two years shall not apply to the election of the President and the Vice - Presidents. The nominations on the Society'S official form must be supported by two members and signed by the candidate indicating his/her willingness to serve and must be received by the Society's orfice by the deadline set by the Managing Committee. which shall not be less than eight and more than fifteen days before the General Body Meeting.

While the President, Four Vice-Presidents and Hon. Secretary shall be elected In alternate years and hold office for two years, the 15 members of the Managing Committee shall be elected for a period of three years. One-third or five members shall retire every year after serving their period of  three years and shall be replaced by five members elecled for a three years term.

In addition to the elected members, there will be one each representative of the Central Government and the State Government, who will attend the meetings of the Managing Committee as well as the General Body. They will have no right to vote Their travelling and other expenses will be borne by the respective Governments 

In addition there will be a representative of the staff on the Managing Committee, elected by the Employees. The said representative will not have the rights and privileges of an elected member including the right to vote. He/She may participate in the discussion on items of agenda of the Managing Committee concerning the employees only. His/Her tenure will be for two years and he/she shall be eligible for re - election.

A member who is in arrears of subscription or has any other dues payable to the Society or has been a defaulter for non - return of books on the day of nomination, shall not be eligible to seek election to the Managing Committee. The same condition shall apply to the proposer and seconder of all candidates.

(b) No withdrawal of nomination shall be permitted within 24 hours of the time fixed for holding the Annual General Body meeting at which elections are to be held. 

The Managing Committee will frame election programme and publish it on the notice board and circulate the same alongwith notice of the meeting of the General Body. The Managing Committee will appoint a member of the Society of at least five years' standing as Returning Officer who shall not be a member of the Managing Committee and who is not a contesting candidate. The Returning Officer will be fully in charge of the conduct of elections and his/her decision shall be final and binding on all.

No member of the Society shall hold the same office for more then three consecutive tenns. Office in this context means the office of the President, the Vice-Presidents, the Hon.Secretary and the members of the Managing Committee co-opted or elected.

(c) It shall be competent to the Managing Committee:

(i) to appoint an Hon. Finance Secretary from among members of the Society for the supervision of financial affairs of the Society subject to the general control of the Managing Committee. In case the Finance Secretary is not an elected member of the Committee he/she shall be an ex-officio member of the Managing Committee.

(ii) to appoint, if necessary, not more than two Han. Joint Finance Secretaries from among the elected members or from among the members of the Society for assisting the Han. Finance Secretary in the performance of his/her duties. In case any or both Joint Finance Secretaries is/are not elected members of the Managing Committee, they shall be ex-officio members of that Committee.

(iii) To appoint, if necessary. an Han. Jt. Secretary from among its own members

(IV) The Managing committee shall have the power tn co-opt not more than two members for srecial reasons, who shall retire after two years.

Rule No.15: (mended 10 AGM 2006)
15  In the event of a vacancy of the office bearers of the Managing Committee namely. President. Vice-Presidents and the Han. Secretary and of the elected members of the Managing Committee it shall be filled in the next immediate election It is further resolved that this resolution would come into effect immediately after its adoption by the General Body in its Annual General Body Meeting.

AGM,2008: Rule 16(a)
16(a) A Member of the Managing Committee who absents himself/herself for three consecutive meetings of the Managing Committee without leave of absence from the Committee shall automatically cease to be a member of the Managing Committee. All Office bearers and members of the Managing Committee and other office bearers should at least attend 60% of the total meetings held from the end of the AGM to the end of the next AGM. If any office bearer or member of the Managing Committee fails to attend 60% of the total meetings then he forfeits his right to remain in that post.

(b) The Managing Committee shall have the authority to enter into contracts (except for sale of books, coins, antiques and manuscripts) on behalf of the members of the Society and no such contract shall be valid, unless the same shall have been executed by the Hon.Secretary and two members of the Managing Committee.

(c) Every member of the Managing Committee and every other officer shall be indemnified against all reasonable losses and expenses incurred in the discharge of his/her duties, except such as shall have happened through his/her own willful neglect or default and each one, shall be answerable only for his/her own acts, neglects or defaults and not for those of any other person.

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