1.  The name of the Society shall be "The Asiatic Society of Mumbai' 
2.  The aims and object of the Society as envisaged when it  was set lip in  1804 was "to promote useful knowledge particularly such as is  now immediately connected with India  'Thereafter  in  1954 and  1995 the  aims and objects were revised  without prejudice to the above, in the context of the new dynamics as below.
(a)  to  encourage the  study of research  in  the  language,  philosophy, arts and natural and social  sciences  in relation  to  Asia in  general and  India.  in particular; 
(b)  to publish journals and other research publications: 
(c)  to maintain library; 

AGM 2009: Rule 2(d) 

(d)  to maintain a museum; 
(e)  to establish and maintain institutes and centers in  fulfillment of the aims and objects of the Society; and
(f)  to undertake all activities which are incidental and conducive to fulfillments of the above mentioned aims and objects.

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