Dear friends,
Dr Aroon Tikekar Centre for Advanced Studies takes pleasure in inviting you and your friends to the annual programme of the Centre to award the Tikekar Memorial Fellowship and join us to listen to the chief guest and keynote speaker Ms. Shanta Gokhale.
The programme will be held on Thursday, February 1, 2024 at 5:30PM in the Durbar Hall of The Asiatic Society of Mumbai.
Ms. Shanta Gokhale, reputed writer, translator, chronicler of theatre, and an engaged observer of the arts and culture, will speak on ‘The Great Language Divide’ across the demographics and politics of language in plays and literature in Mumbai. This will be followed by a question-and-answer session.
In keeping with the tradition of the annual programme of the Centre, the sixth Tikekar Memorial Fellow 2024, Dr Himanshu Smart, lecturer and researcher, will present a synopsis of his work done. This will be followed by  Mr. Mohmad Aslam Saiyad, co-founder of Hallu Hallu, documentary photographer and environmentalist, briefly introducing the work he proposes to do as a Fellow 2025. The well-known artist and art researcher Mr Suhas Bahulkar, first Tikekar Memorial Fellow, will present a copy of his book written during the fellowship to the Asiatic Society of Mumbai.
You are requested to join us for tea at 5 PM at the venue.
Thank you,
 Yours sincerely,
Mr. Vilas Dhavale                                     Prof. Mangala Sirdeshpande
Chairperson                                                Hon. Secretary
Dr. Aroon Tikekar Centre                           The Asiatic Society of Mumbai
for Advanced Studies, ASM


The subject or topic of study for the 7th iteration of the Dr Aroon Tikekar Memorial Fellowship for the year 2024-25 is: “Cultural and/or religious festivals of Maharashtra and/or Mumbai through sociological and economic lenses”

 The Dr Aroon Tikekar Memorial Fellowship now carries an award of Rs 2 lakh and offers the selected person the option to request a mentor if she/he would like to.

 The last date for submitting applications is 1st July 2023. Interested scholars and researchers may download the application form from this website.

 Download :  Application Form

The 6th Dr. Aroon Tikekar Memorial Fellowship for the year 2023-24 has been given to two applicants Mr Pankaj Bhosle and Dr Himanshu Smart.

Mr Bhosle, journalist at “Loksatta” and a former Kusumagraj Trust Fellow, will be working on his proposal “Reflections of metropolitan literary images in Marathi narrative literature” through which he will capture Mumbai’s geography reflected in stories and novels, and its influence on creativity.

Dr Smart, dramatist, professor and a recipient of Sahitya Rangabhoomi Pratisthan’s fellowship in the past, will be studying “Metropolitan, half-metropolitan and new metropolitan sensibilities reflected in Marathi dramas of last three decades” during the Tikekar Memorial Fellowship

The Asiatic Society of Mumbai's Dr Aroon Tikekar Centre for Advanced Studies is calling for applications for the fourth fellowship awarded in memory of the late scholar-researcher, editor and bibliophile.

The fourth Dr. Aroon Tikekar Memorial Fellowship, to be awarded on his birth anniversary on February 1, 2020, will be in the field of "Contemporary Culture". Research proposals are invited in any one of the following areas:

1. The Culture of Reading: Changing trends
2. Literary Translations: Challenges and Opportunities.
3. Role of Libraries in the digital age.

Dr. Aroon Tikekar, well-regarded as an erudite scholar, researcher, writer, editor, bibliophile and eminent thinker passed away suddenly on January 19, 2016. He was the President of The Asiatic Society of Mumbai for six years (2007 to 2013) during which he had initiated several projects to enthuse and motivate young research scholars, and had infused new ideas and programmes into the renowned institution. To honour his remarkable work and carry forward its tradition, the Asiatic Society of Mumbai set up the Dr Aroon Tikekar Centre for Advanced Studies in 2016. This Centre is dedicated to nurturing scholars and generating research in a number of fields associated with Dr.Tikekar. It now has three Fellows who have produced research work in fields as diverse as the 'Revival of Bombay School of Art', 'Challenges in journalism', and 'Food Culture of Migrants'. This call is to invite scholars, academics, researchers and others to apply for the fourth edition of this prestigious Fellowship.

The application form is available with The Asiatic Society of Mumbai office. It can also be downloaded from its website at The completed forms along with research proposals are to be submitted so as to reach us by November, 20, 2019. They can be submitted via regular post or courier to The Asiatic Society of Mumbai. They can be sent by email on the id This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The terms of the Fellowship are mentioned on the application form. Briefly, this is a one-year Fellowship with an award of Rs.1.25 lakh, and open to people between 25 and 65 years. All details and terms of the Dr Aroon Tikekar Memorial Fellowship are available on the website and on the application form. A jury comprising eminent people and experts in the subjects will select the scholar/ researcher for the year.

Any queries may be posted to the above email id and addressed to the undersigned.

- Dr. Meena Vaishampayan, The Asiatic Society of Mumbai


The Sixth Dr. Tikekar Memorial Fellowship

Dr. Aroon Tikekar, the noted and erudite scholar-researcher, well-regarded writer, books and rare books collector, veteran editor, and eminent thinker passed away suddenly on January 19, 2016. He had contributed immensely to the intellectual life of Mumbai and Maharashtra in the last four decades through his vast collection of essays, editorials, opinion articles, and books. He had also nurtured the tradition of well-researched historical and sociological studies.

Dr. Tikekar was the President of The Asiatic Society of Mumbai for six years (2007 to 2013) during which he had initiated several projects to enthuse and motivate young research scholars, and had infused new ideas and programmes into the renowned institution.

The Asiatic Society of Mumbai has set up the Dr Aroon Tikekar Centre for Advanced Studies to honour his remarkable work and carry forward its tradition. This Centre is dedicated to nurturing scholars and generating research in a number of fields associated with Dr. Tikekar. The Sixth Dr. Aroon Tikekar Memorial Fellowship through this Centre will be awarded on his birth anniversary on February 1, 2022. The research field chosen for this year is, “Literature: Fiction”. Under this broad subject, the following topics are suggested.

  • Reflections of metro life in Marathi/English fiction, by Indian authors, from 1991 to date(fiction includes short story/novel/drama)
  • Mythology reinterpreted in Marathi/English fiction, by Indian writers, from 1991 to date(fiction includes short story/ novel/ drama)

S​cholars, academics, researchers and others are invited to apply for this prestigious fellowship. They can choose any one from the above given topics. The application form is available with The Asiatic Society of Mumbai office, and can also be downloaded from its website at
The completed forms along with research proposals are to be submitted to reach us by 30th November 2021. They should be submitted through e-mail, post or courier to The Asiatic Society of Mumbai. The email id for the submissions is – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
The terms of the Fellowship are mentioned on the application form. But briefly, the Fellow will have one year to complete his/her work, and will be awarded a total amount of Rs.1.25 lakh. Interested people in  the age limit of 25-65 years are encouraged to apply. All other details and terms of the Tikekar Memorial Fellowship are available on the website and on the application form.

1. Application form
2. Guidelines
3. Marathi 

A jury comprising eminent people and experts in the subjects will select the scholar/researcher for the year.

- Dr. Usha R Vijailakshmi, Officiating Hon. Secretary, The Asiatic Society of Mumbai

The Asiatic Society recognizes persons who have contributed to the promotion of the objectives of the Society by electing them as Honorary Fellows. This practice was started in 1815. Scholars and luminaries like Monier Williams, R.G. Bhandarkar, Father Heras, S. Radhakrishnan, Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad, Satyajit Ray and M. N. Srinivas were among the Honorary Fellows. Current Honorary Fellows include distinguished personalities like Jayant Narlikar, Mahashweta Devi, I.G. Patel and Kapila Vatsyayan. 

The Society has instituted 3 medals for excellence in different fields, which are awarded every 3 years. 

Campbell Memorial Gold Medal established in 1907, awarded in recognition of distinguished services on the subject of Oriental History, Folklore or Ethnology, calculated to further the objects of the Society, namely the investigation and encouragement of Oriental Arts, Sciences and Literature. 

MM.Dr. P.V.Kane Gold Medal established in 1946, awarded for valuable research work in Vedic Studies or in Classical Sanskrit with special reference to Dharma Shastra and Poetics. 

Society's Silver Medal awarded to a Member of the Society who has written a book adjudged as the best in the given 3 year period. 

Annual Fellowships
In order to encourage and support young researchers in Indology, History and other social sciences, the Society has, beginning from 1991, instituted annual fellowships for scholars, including but not confined to PhD research scholars. One fellowship is given by the Society itself and the remaining have been endowed by various individuals and institutions 

Fellows are required to submit a research paper at the end of their tenure, and several of these have been published in the Journal. 

List of fellowships
- Chief Justice M.C.Chagla Doctoral fellowship in Modem Indian History 
- INDAL fellowship in Social Sciences 
- Fellowship in Labour Studies 
- Justice K.T.Telang fellowship in Indology 
- Gulestan Billimoria Fellowship for a topic related to Mumbai/Maharashtra 
- Asiatic Society's Fellowship in Social Sciences 
- G.S.Pohekar Memorial Fellowship for a topic on any aspect of Japan



Years of conferment        Name Of Honorary Fellows

1815                              Mr. Asselien de Cherville.
1829                              Chevalier Caesar Moreau, F.R.S. (Paris).
1829                              Le Baron Silvestre De Sacy (Paris).
1829                              Professor Augustus William Von Schelegel (Bonn).
1829                              Mr. Julius Von Klaproth (Paris).
1829                              Mr. Abel Remusat (Paris).
1829                              Rev. Dr. Thorne.
1829                              Mr. Antonine Leonard De Chezy (Paris).
1830                              Sir J. G. Wilkinson, K.C.I.E. (London).
1830                              Dr. Otham Frank.
1830                              Signor G. Mutti.
1831                              Sir John Wither Awdry, Kt.
1832                              Lt. Genl. Sir Colin Halket, K.C.B., G.C.H.
1832                              Sir Herbert Compton.
1832                              Professor Garcin de Tassy (Paris).
1834                              Rt. Rev. Bishop S. Miles Pendergast.
1835                              Baron C. Hugel (Vienna).
1835                              Dr. A.S. Walne (Cairo).
1839                              Prof. T. Pavie (Paris).
1842                              Prof. N.L. Westergaard, K.D. (Conpenhagen).
1842                              Le Comte Genberg de Homao.
1842                              Prof. C. Lassen (Bonn).
1842                              M.M. Etienne de Quatremere (Paris).
1843                              Rt. Rev. Dr. W. J. Whelan, R.C.Bishop of Bombay.
1843                              M. Etienne de Quatremere (Paris).
1845                              Le Marquis de Ferriere de Vayer (Paris). 
1845                              Dr. James Cowles Prichard, M.D., F.R.S. (Bristol). 
1845                              Dr. Thomas Hodgkin, M.D., F.R.G.S. (London).
1846                              His Excellency Monsieur de la Grieve.
1848                              Le Vicomte de kerckhov (Antwerp).
1848                              Mr. M. Felix Bogaerts, R. N. (London)
1849                              Capt. S.H. Inglefield, R. N. (London)
1849                              Mr. B. Hodgson, B.C.S.
1850                              Mr. R. X. Murphy, Bombay. 
1855                              Rev. R. H. Th. Frienderich, F.R.G.S. (Batavia, Java).
1855                              Rev. John Stevenson, D.D. (Ladykirk, Berwick).
1859                              Mr. E. E. Elliot (Bombay And London).
1860                              Dr. Martin Haug (Poona).
1862                              Mr. H. J. Carter, F.R.S., Bombay Medical Service.
1865                              Mr. W. E. Frere, I.C.S. (London).
1866                              Sir Richard Temple, K.C.S.I.
1866                              Mr. J. H. Rivara de Cunha, (Goa).
1866                              Dr. A. Weber (Berlin). 
1867                              Dr. A. H. Leith, M.D. (London).
1868                              Sir G. C. M. Birdwood, DT. M.D., C.S.I. (London).
1869                              Mr. H. Newton, C. S.
1874                              Sir Walter Elliot, K.C.S.I.
1874                              Mr. E. Rehatsek. 
1874                              Mr. M. C. Commendatore.
1874                              Dr. Karl Von Scherzer.
1875                              Sir Monier M. Williams, Oxford.
1877                              Surgeon Major O. Codrington.
1877                              Pandit Bhagwanlal Indraji.
1879                              Rai Rajendralal Mitra, C.I.E.
1885                              Count A. de Gubernatis (Italy).
1892                              Sir Raymond West, M.A., LLD, K.C.I.E.
1921                              Dr. F. W. Thomas, M. A., Ph.D., C.I.E., Oxford.
1922                              Dr. Sylvain Levi. 
1923                              Dr. M. Winternitz.
1924                              Sir R. G. Bhandarkar, K.C.I.E.
1924                              Dr. Heinrich Luders.
1924                              Sir Jadunath Sarkar.
1924                              Dr. Ganganath Jha. M.A., D.LITT., LL.D.
1924                              Dr. Mahamahopadhyaya Vasudeo Shastri Abhyankar.
1924                              Shams-ul-ulema Sir Jivanji J. Modi, C.I.E.
1924                              Mr. Vishwanath P. Vaidya, B.A., Bar-at-law.
1924                              MM. P.V. Kane, M. A., LL.M.
1924                              Dr. M. N. Dhalla.
1924                              Sir George A. Grierson. 
1924                              Prof. N. B. Divatia.
1924                              Mr. Vishwanath K. Rajvade.
1924                              Dewan Bahadur L. D. Swami Kannu Pillai.
1924                              The Rev. Dr. D. Mackinchan, M.A., D.D.
1924                              The Rev. Dr. R. Scott, M.A., D.D.
1924                              Khan Bahadur Prof. Shaik Abdul Kadar Surfraz. 
1924                              Prof. S.H. Hodivala.
1938                              Dr. V.S. Sukthankar, M.A., Ph.D.
1938                              Mr. W. lvanow.
1943                              Dr. B. C. Law, M.A., Ph. D., D.L.H. 
1951                              Dr. Radha Kumud Mookerji.
1951                              Dr. S. K. Belvalkar. 
1951                              Dr. G. S. Sardesai. 
1953                              Dr. S. Radhakrishnan.
1953                              Dr. Suniti Kumar Chatterjee.
1953                              Dr. R. C. Majumdar.
1953                              Dr. L. D. Barnett. 
1953                              Dr. L. Renou.
1953                              Dr. W. Schubring.
1954                              Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. 
1954                              Prof. Nilakanta K. Sastri. 
1954                              Rev. Fr. H. Heras. 
1969                              Dr. Moti Chandra
1969                              Dr. K. M. Munshi. 
1991                              Durga Bhawat. 
1991                              Father John correia-Afonso. 
1991                              Dr. Bhabatosh Datta
1991                              Tarkateertha Laxmanshastri Joshi. 
1991                              Mr. Karl Khandalavala.
1991                              Dr. Braj Basi Lal.
1991                              Dr. Bal Ram Nanda. 
1991                              Mr. Setu Madhavrao Pagadi. 
1991                              Dr. Pratapaditya Pal. 
1991                              Dr. Kakkadan Nandanath Raj. 
1991                              Dr. Kanta Ranadive. 
1991                              Mr. Satyajit Ray.
1991                              Mr. Hormasji Maneckji Seervai. 
1991                              Prof. Mysore Narasimhachar (M. N.) Srinivas.
1991                              Prof. Romila Thapar. 
1991                              Dr. Kapila Vatsyayan.
1993                              Dr. Malcolm Sathianathan Adiseshiah. 
1993                              Dr. Ramchandra Narayan Dandekar.
1993                              Dr. G. S. Gai. 
1993                              Dr. Ashin Das Gupta.
1993                              Dr. Parameshwari Lal Gupta.
1993                              Dr. Vaman Mahadev Kulkarni.
1993                              Prof. Ravinder Kumar.
1995                              Prof. Sukumari Bhattacharji. 
1995                              Mr. Purushottam L. Deshpande. 
1995                              Dr. Rewa Prasad Dwivedi. 
1995                              Prof. Sarvapalli Gopal. 
1995                              Dr. Indraprasad G. Patel. 
1995                              Prof. Yashwant D. Phadke. 
1998                              Dr. Krishna Deva. 
1998                              Dr. K. V. Ramesh
1998                              Mr. Shyam Sunder Benegal
1998                              Mahasweta Devi. 
1998                              Prof. Jayant Vishnu Narlikar. 
2003                              Hon. Bhairon Sigh Shekhawat
2004                              Prof. Bhikhu Parekh
                                     Dr. Lokesh Chandra 
                                     Mr. M. N. Deshpande (Posthumously)
                                     Dr. M. K. Dhavalikar
                                     Dr. Indira Goswamy 
                                     Dr. B. N. Goswamy 
                                     Dr. Girish Karnad. 
                                     Dr. R. Nagaswamy 
                                     Dr. M. S. Nagaraja Rao
                                     Dr. S. R. Rao
                                     Mr. Soli Sorabjee
                                     Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam 



YEAR                       NAME

1950               Prof. K.V. Rangaswami Atyanagar
1953               Dr. V. Raghavan


1956               Dr. Louis Renou
1959               Prof. Durgamohan Bhallacharya
1962               Prof. H.D. Velankar
1965               Dr. Bhabatosh Bhattacharya
1968               Prof. Vishvabandhu Shastri
1971               Dr. Sushil Kumar De (Posthumous)
1974               Dr. R. N. Dandekar
1977               Dr. T. G. Mainkar
1980               Dr. K. Krishnamoorthy
1983               Prof. Reva Prasad Dwivedi
1986               Prof. R. P. Kangle
1989               Dr. Radhavallabh Tripathi
1992               Dr. Harivallabh C. Bhayani
1995               Dr. Madhukar A. Mehendale
1998               Prof. A. M. Ghatage


2002                Late Dr. C. G. Kashikar
2003-2006        Dr. S. D. Joshi
2006-2009        Dr. M. D. Paradkar



YEAR                            NAME

1908                      Dr. Aurel steln 
1911                      Dr. D. R. Bhandarkar
1914                      Prof. A. A. Macdonell
1917                      Dr. Jivanji J. Modi
1920                      Dr. Shama Shastry
1921(Special)          R. B. P. B. Joshi
1923                      Sir. G. Grierson
1926                      Dr. Sr. Jadunath Sirkar
1929                      Prof. S. H. Hodivala
1932                      Sir John Marshall
1035                      MM. Dr. Ganganath Jha
1938                      Dewan Bahadur Dr. S. K. Aiyangar
1941                      MM. Dr. P.V. Kane
1944                      Dr. B. C. Law
1947                      Dr. P.W. Thomas
1950                      Dr. R. C. Majumdar
1953                      Shri. P.S.S. Pissurlencar


1956              Dr. Verrier Elwin
1959              Dr. S. K. Belvalkar
1962              Dr. R. B. Whitehead
1965              Sir. Ralph Lilley Turner, Kt.
1968              MM. Pandit Gopinath Kaviraj
1971              Dr. K. A. Nilakantha Sastri
1976              Dr. H. D. Sankalia
1977              Dr. G. S. Ghurye
1980              Dr. (Mrs.) Kapila Vatsyayan
1981(special)  Dr. C.Sivaramamurti
1983              Dr. R. S. Sharma
1986              Shri K. Shivram Karanth
1989              Shri  Karl J. Khandalwala
1992              Prof. Madhusudan A. Dhaky
1995              Prof. Ajay Mitra Shastri
1998              Dr. B. N. Mukherjee


2002             Dr. I. K. Sharma
2003-2006     Prof. A. K. Narain
2006-2009     Dr. R. C. Dhere

(ESTD. 1928)


YEAR                                       NAME

1930                     Shri S. V. Karamdikar
1934                     Dr. G. S. Ghurye
1938                     Sir R. P. Masani
1942                     Dr. H. D. Sankalia
1946                     Dr. Verrier Etwin
1950                     Prof. H. D. Velankar
1953                     Dr. G. M. Moraes


1956                     Dr. A. D.  pusalkar
1959                     Dr. V. G. Dighe
1962                     Dr. Moti Chandra
1965                     Prof. R. P. Kangle
1968                     Dr. S. S. Bhawe
1969 (Special)        Shri A.A.A. Fyzee
1971                     Prof. G. C. Jhala
1974                     Dr. T. G. Mainkar
1977                     Dr. (Mrs.) Devangana Desai
1980                     Dr. Sadashiv Ambadas Dange
1983                     Dr. V. M. Kulkarni
1986                     Dr. A. P. Jamkhedkar
1989                     Dr. O. P. Kejariwal
1992                     Dr. (Miss) G. V. Davane
1995                     Dr. Kamala Ganesh
1998                     Dr. Haripriya Rangarajan


2002                     Dr. (Sr.) Anila Verghese
2001-2003             Prof. Kirit K. Shah
2003-2006             Dr. Sindhu S. Dange
(Calendar Year)

2010-2012             Shri V. K. Dharamsey

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