Fellowship Subject:

‘Mumbai in all its diversities’
Background and prompt: From being the home of Kolis and Agris to a Portuguese colony transformed by the British into an important trade-and-port city, Bombay became a significant centre of the anti-British freedom movement and, after independence, the economic and entertainment hub of India. In its many avatars, Bombay, later Mumbai, displayed immense diversity in ideological thought, character, communities, natural ecology, commercial enterprise, culture and religion, food and drink, housing and slums, language and dress, politics, and public life.

The core theme of diversity can be explored in any or all of the following ways: what this diversity tells us about the city; has it been mapped and described, if so in what ways; how has diversity in any field contributed to the making of the city; is it on the decline or is it being strengthened; will it survive or thrive in the decades to come; and how does it compare with other cities in India. These are indicative topics that can be explored within the theme during the Dr Aroon Tikekar Memorial Fellowship 2025-26.

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