Membership to the Society is open to all adult persons who demonstrate a sustained interest in the aims and objects of the Society, subject to certain conditions. There are various categories of membership, covering individuals and institutions. Students are given special membership with lower fees. Foreign nationals of specific categories, including visiting scholars, are given limited membership. Applications are taken up and screened by a Scrutinizing Committee elected by the General Body for the purpose. At present the total membership is 2649.
The Society has 33 staff members including technically qualified professional staff, all of whom work with dedication to keep the Society's activities going. They enable the functioning of the library and the conservation and microfilming laboratories, and the smooth conduct of many public events held in the Durbar Hall of the Society.
The business of the Society is managed by office bearers comprising of a President, 4 Vice Presidents, a Secretary and a Managing Committee of 15 members, all of whom are elected by the General Body. All are honorary posts. The various responsibilities and tasks are carried out by sub committees constituted by members who volunteer. The Society is governed by a set of Rules & Regulations that can be amended by the General Body. H.E.The Governor of Maharashtra is the ex officio Chief Patron of the Society. The Trustees of the Society are people of eminence, who are nominated by the Managing Committee. They do not participate in the day to day management of the Society but the Managing Committee periodically seeks their advice and guidance.

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