Dear friends,
Dr Aroon Tikekar Centre for Advanced Studies takes pleasure in inviting you and your friends to the annual programme of the Centre to award the Tikekar Memorial Fellowship and join us to listen to the chief guest and keynote speaker Ms. Shanta Gokhale.
The programme will be held on Thursday, February 1, 2024 at 5:30PM in the Durbar Hall of The Asiatic Society of Mumbai.
Ms. Shanta Gokhale, reputed writer, translator, chronicler of theatre, and an engaged observer of the arts and culture, will speak on ‘The Great Language Divide’ across the demographics and politics of language in plays and literature in Mumbai. This will be followed by a question-and-answer session.
In keeping with the tradition of the annual programme of the Centre, the sixth Tikekar Memorial Fellow 2024, Dr Himanshu Smart, lecturer and researcher, will present a synopsis of his work done. This will be followed by  Mr. Mohmad Aslam Saiyad, co-founder of Hallu Hallu, documentary photographer and environmentalist, briefly introducing the work he proposes to do as a Fellow 2025. The well-known artist and art researcher Mr Suhas Bahulkar, first Tikekar Memorial Fellow, will present a copy of his book written during the fellowship to the Asiatic Society of Mumbai.
You are requested to join us for tea at 5 PM at the venue.
Thank you,
 Yours sincerely,
Mr. Vilas Dhavale                                     Prof. Mangala Sirdeshpande
Chairperson                                                Hon. Secretary
Dr. Aroon Tikekar Centre                           The Asiatic Society of Mumbai
for Advanced Studies, ASM

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