The subject or topic of study for the 7th iteration of the Dr Aroon Tikekar Memorial Fellowship for the year 2024-25 is: “Cultural and/or religious festivals of Maharashtra and/or Mumbai through sociological and economic lenses”

 The Dr Aroon Tikekar Memorial Fellowship now carries an award of Rs 2 lakh and offers the selected person the option to request a mentor if she/he would like to.

 The last date for submitting applications is 1st July 2023. Interested scholars and researchers may download the application form from this website.

 Download :  Application Form

The 6th Dr. Aroon Tikekar Memorial Fellowship for the year 2023-24 has been given to two applicants Mr Pankaj Bhosle and Dr Himanshu Smart.

Mr Bhosle, journalist at “Loksatta” and a former Kusumagraj Trust Fellow, will be working on his proposal “Reflections of metropolitan literary images in Marathi narrative literature” through which he will capture Mumbai’s geography reflected in stories and novels, and its influence on creativity.

Dr Smart, dramatist, professor and a recipient of Sahitya Rangabhoomi Pratisthan’s fellowship in the past, will be studying “Metropolitan, half-metropolitan and new metropolitan sensibilities reflected in Marathi dramas of last three decades” during the Tikekar Memorial Fellowship

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