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Ref No.: ASM/Notice/Stock-taking/2023-24/037


Sub: Extension of Stock-taking of books and periodicalsfrom 01-02-2024 to 29-02-2024

Dear Member,
This is further to our Notice under Reference No. ASM/Notice/2023-24/575 dated 5th December 2023 informing Members about the Stock-taking of books and periodicals being carried out in the Library. Consequently, no books, periodicals, etc. were being issued to members during the period from Monday, 1st January to Wednesday, 31st January, 2024. Members were also requested to return the borrowed books and periodicals by Saturday, 30th December 2023, even if the time allowed for reading them had not yet expired.

In order to complete the task of stock-taking, the period has now been extended to 29th February 2024. Hence, members may please note that there will be no issue of books, periodicals, etc. during the extended period of stock-taking from Thursday, 1st February to Thursday, 29th February, 2024 (both days inclusive).

- Prof. Mangala Sirdeshpande, Hon. Secretary
Place: Town Hall, Mumbai.

Please Note:
It has been decided that henceforth communications to Members should be sent by e-mail. You are, therefore, requested to convey your e-mail address to the Society immediately; otherwise, you might miss important communications from the Society.

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