13th Dr. Mani Kamerkar Endowment Lecture
by Dr. Akeel Bilgrami on Tuesday, 18th December, 2018

I am enclosing an invitation to the 13th Dr. Mani Kamerkar Endowment Lecture by Dr. Akeel Bilgrami, Sidney Morgenbesser Professor of Philosophy, Professor, Committee on Global Thought, Columbia Unversity, on “Was there an Indian Secularism?” The lecture will be held on Tuesday, 18th December, 2018, at 5.30 p.m. in the Durbar Hall of the Society.
The lecture will be presided by Mr. Shyam Benegal, Director and Screenwriter.
You are requested to attend the lecture on 18th December.

What is secularism?  Where and when did it arise as a doctrine? Is there an Indian secularism that is distinct from secularism in the West, as many claim?  What was Gandhi's attitude to secularism? What exactly was Nehru's secularism?  How does secularism as a concept and doctrine relate to nationalism?  How does it relate to law in India?
These are some of the questions that Akeel Bilgrami will consider and address both historically and philosophically

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