The  Third  Dr. Aroon Tikekar Memorial Fellowship

 Dr. Aroon Tikekar, noted and erudite scholar-researcher, well-regarded writer, books and rare books collector, veteran editor, and eminent thinker passed away suddenly on January 19, 2016. He had contributed immensely to the intellectual life of Mumbai and Maharashtra in the last four decades through his vast collection of essays, editorials, opinion articles and books. He had also nurtured the tradition of well-researched historical and sociological studies.  Dr. Tikekar was the President of The Asiatic Society of Mumbai for six years (2007 to 2013) during which he had initiated several projects to enthuse and motivate young research scholars, and had infused new ideas and programmes into the renowned institution.

The Asiatic Society of Mumbai has set up the Dr Aroon Tikekar Centre for Advanced Studies to honour his remarkable work and carry forward its tradition. This Centre will be dedicated to nurturing scholars and generating research in a number of fields associated with Dr. Tikekar. The Third Dr. Aroon Tikekar Memorial Fellowship through this Centre will be awarded on his birth anniversary on February 1, 2019. The research field chosen for this year is

 Historical and/or contemporary culture of Maharashtra or Erstwhile Bombay Presidency .Under this broad subject the following topics are suggested.

  • Folklore and oral traditions
  • Culinary traditions and food habits
  • Festivals : new trends.
  • Built heritage and Living Heritage.
  • Changing social customs and mores.

S​cholars, academics, researchers and others are invited to apply for this prestigious Fellowship. They can choose any one from the above given topics. The application form is available with The Asiatic Society of Mumbai office, and can also be downloaded from its website at
The completed forms along with research proposals are to be submitted to reach us by 25th October 2018.   They should be submitted as a hard copy file (soft copies on e-mails will not be accepted) to the Asiatic Society of Mumbai.
The terms of the Fellowship are mentioned on the application form. But briefly, the Fellow will have one year to complete his/her work, will be awarded a total amount of Rs.1.25 lakh, and interested people above the age of 30 years are encouraged to apply.  All other details and terms of the Tikekar Fellowship are available on the website and on application form. A jury comprising eminent people and experts in the subjects will select the scholar/ researcher for the year.

S.G. Kale ( President,The Asiatic Society of Mumbai​)

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