The Members of the Society,
Dear Member,
I am very pleased to announce that we have appointed ‘The Curious Reader’ to run social media for the Asiatic Society of Mumbai. Every week we plan to feature a different book or item that is held by the Asiatic, or something relevant to the Asiatic.

So far we have featured the Sopara Relics, Granth Sanjeevani, Shakespeare's Heroes and Villains, and even the steps of the Town Hall. The public is reacting positively to these posts by liking and sharing them regularly. We are confident that the posts to come will be met with a similar reaction.Our aim is to build up a healthy social media following and through that drive traffic to the Asiatic website and increase membership for Granth Sanjeevani and The Asiatic Society itself.
I invite you to go to our Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/The-Asiatic-Society-of-Mumbai-134171460401195/. Please do like it and share the posts regularly to get more traffic. Regards,
S.G. Kale

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