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It has come to the Society's notice that some unscrupulous elements are collecting money for publishing papers in the Society's Journal and offering bogus certificates. The Asiatic Society does not collect money for publishing in its journal, nor does it guarantee publication, and neither does it issue any certificate. Authors must verify with the Society before submitting any papers, and papers will be published only after rigorous peer review. The Society does not take responsibility for any payments made to third parties claiming to represent the Society, or for their papers appearing in a cloned/spam journal.


The Asiatic Society of Mumbai
Mumbai Research Centre
The Mumbai Research Centre of the Asiatic Society of Mumbai presents a specially curated visit to the Ambarnath Shivalaya with Dr. Kumud Kanitkar.
Built by three 11th century kings Chittaraja, Nagarjuna and Mummuni, the Ambarnath Shivalaya, on the bank of the Waldhuni, represents the zenith of Shilahara architecture, bearing a distinct iconography with outstanding sculptures. The oldest temple to be built in the Bhumija style, its garbhagriha is below ground, and open to the sky, and connected to the mandapa by a narrow antarala. It is richly decorated in sculptures, delivering a complete iconography of Shaiva and Vaishnava beliefs in stone.
This visit is a Darśaṇa; a mirror of society as it was then, located at the geographical and cultural crossroads, presenting an aesthetic blend of many styles, a seamless blend of reality, philosophy, emotions, and imagination.

The visit will be preceded by an orientation lecture (mandatory) by Dr. Kanitkar the previous evening (19th November). [Poster attached].

Date: 20th November 2022 (Sunday)
Time: 10.00 am to 2.00 pm
Venue: Ambarnath Shivalaya
(Participants to reach Ambarnath on their own)

Dr. Kumud Kanitkar is the author of the definitive monograph on the Ambarnath Shivalaya, and a renowned expert on Shaiva iconography. Her study has been followed by an equally masterly study of the Bhuleshwar Shivalaya of Pune.

For members: ₹ Rs.750.00 | Payment Link: https://rzp.io/l/AmbMem
For the general public: ₹ Rs.1,000.00 | Payment Link: https://rzp.io/l/AmbGen
- Prof. Mangala Sirdeshpande , Hon. Secretary
- Dr. Shehernaz Nalwalla, Chairperson, MRC
- Dr. Madhu Kelkar, Convenor, MRC






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