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It has come to the Society's notice that some unscrupulous elements are collecting money for publishing papers in the Society's Journal and offering bogus certificates. The Asiatic Society does not collect money for publishing in its journal, nor does it guarantee publication, and neither does it issue any certificate. Authors must verify with the Society before submitting any papers, and papers will be published only after rigorous peer review. The Society does not take responsibility for any payments made to third parties claiming to represent the Society, or for their papers appearing in a cloned/spam journal.

The Mumbai Research Centre of the Asiatic Society of Mumbai is pleased to present a nature walk with Mr Pracin Subramanian to know more about Mumbai's winged winter visitors. The Bhandup Pumping Station provides access to the Thane Creek Flamingo Sanctuary, and has long been a favorite for watching migratory birds. The creek and its adjacent wetland and mudflats lie close to the Central Asian Flyway, through which birds like pipits, godwits, eagles, ducks, plovers, ospreys, starlings, pochards, harriers, geese, shelducks, falcons, stonechats, buntings, shovelers and rosefinches migrate south from Siberia. Mumbai's warm climate and abundant biodiversity make it a suitable wintering area for these birds, along with subcontinental migrants like egrets, herons, ibises, spoonbills, storks and flamingos.
Pravin Subramanian has been birding for 22 years and in that time, has explored, spotted and sometimes photographed birds in all states except the Seven Sisters.
He has assisted the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in their avian census, helping quantify and make sense of trends in birdwatching checklists.
He is an expert in identifying birds by sound and collects folk lore about wildlife. Aside from his feathered pursuits, he runs a book club named SwapBook and has organised numerous book exchange meet ups, hosted the highly successful TwiceTold for helping second hand book sellers and collects books on Indian politics and natural history.
Members: ₹370 - https://rzp.io/l/BPSMem
General: ₹550 ‐ https://rzp.io/l/BPSGen
(includes entry fee but not camera fee)




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