Ref No.: ASM/Notice/2019-20/

Sub: Stock-taking of books and periodicals from 01-01-2020 to 15-01-2020

Dear Member,
As required under Rule 31(a) of the Society, I request you to return on or before Tuesday, 31st December, 2019 (for the purpose of stock-taking) all the books and periodicals borrowed by you, even if the time allowed for reading has not yet expired. Please note that Members who fail to return all books and periodicals as required above, will not be allowed to borrow books / periodicals until all those outstanding against their name are cleared.
There will be no issue of books, periodicals, etc. during the period of stock-taking from Wednesday, 1st January to Wednesday, 15th January, 2020 (both days inclusive).
- Surendra Kulkarni, Hon. Secretary

Ref. No.: ASM/215th AGM/2019-20/ 19th August, 2019
The Members of the Asiatic Society of Mumbai (ASM)
- Resident (Annual & Life), Non-Resident (Annual & Life), Patron Life Member, Donor Life Member, Head – Institutional Membership Corporate Life Member

The Central Government Nominee, The State Government Nominee, The ASM Staff Representative

Ref: Notice of 215th AGM dated 20th June, 2019 sent on 27th / 28 / 29th June 2019
Sub: 215th AGM - Instruction Notice with Resolutions, and Minutes of the previous 214th AGM held on 25th August, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam,
This is further to Notice of the 215th AGM being held on Saturday, 31st August, 2019, at 3.30 p.m. sent by mail on 27th / 28 / 29th June 2019.
I am now attaching the following documents pertaining to the forthcoming AGM (soft copy in PDF format):
1. AGM Notice (with Agenda) dated 20th June, 2019 of the 215th AGM (Attached once again)
2. Agenda Item No.1 - To confirm the minutes of the 214th Annual General Meeting held on Saturday, 25th August, 2018.
3. AGM Instruction Notice dated 16th August, 2019 also containing Agenda Items –
Item No. 6 (Appointment of Statutory Auditors);
Item No. 7 (To ratify the names of the three Trustees); &
Item No. 8 (Proposed Resolutions)
The Agenda Item No.5 (i.e. To receive and adopt the Annual Report, the Audited Statement of Accounts of the Asiatic Society of Mumbai for the year 2018-2019 and to note the Action Taken Report), will follow.
Yours faithfully,
Vispi Balaporia, Hon. Secretary

The Asiatic Society of Mumbai
Inauguration ceremony of Library Digitisation Project Phase - II stands postponed
This is to inform you that for some unforeseen reasons, the Inauguration ceremony of Phase-II of the Library Digitization Project of the Asiatic Society of Mumbai, which was scheduled to take place on Monday, 5th August 2019 stands postponed.
Inconvenience caused is regretted.
- S.G. Kale, President

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